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ShipRiteTM Updates

Update v10.22.3 build 2  –  4/8/2022

Install this update ASAP using the following instructions:

<<<DOWNLOAD the v10.22.3 build 2 Instructions>>>

  • Fix: USPS Nonstandard Fee needs to be applied in MailMaster
  • Fixed wrong cost for 3.5oz USPS First Class Flat

Update v10.22.3 build 1 – 4/1/2022:

<<<DOWNLOAD the v10.22.3 build 1 Instructions>>>

  • New USPS Nonstandard Fee surcharges effective 4/3/2022
  • New SpeeDee Unboxed Parcel Fee effective 4/4/2022


Canada Locations (Update v10.22.3 build 1 – 4/1/2022):

<<<DOWNLOAD the v10.22.3 Canada Instructions>>>

  • Updated Purolator Beyond Point list