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UPS Setup



This section covers carrier setup for DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. To access the carrier setup:

  • From the ShipRite main menu, click the ‘Setup’ tab, then click ‘General Setup Options’.
  • Next, click the ‘Carrier Setup’ tab to the right.
  • From the Carrier Selection menu, choose which carrier to setup.


How To Setup ShipRite with UPS Ready

We are proud to announce our new web integration with UPS Ready®. This integration means that all UPS shipments will be uploaded in real time to the UPS server which eliminates the need for end of day uploads to Worldship. This integration allows for smoother transactions, less chance of errors, and no more upload procedures to follow at the end of the day.

In order to use this integration you have to have a username and password.

If you currently do not have a username and password: please go to sign up for “My UPS”. Once you open the website, click on the My UPS option, and then click Register Now.



Follow the prompts on the screen to sign up.

Once the account is setup, click on the Account Summary option on the left hand side. You should see your UPS account number listed under UPS Account Details. If you do not see it, click on the option to “Add an Existing UPS Account”. Follow the prompts on the screen to link your UPS account to your profile.

Setup UPS Ready

From the main ShipRite screen go to Setup -> General Setup Options. Click on the ‘Carrier Setup’ tab, select UPS, and select ‘SETUP – UPS ReadyTM”.

Enter in your MyUPS user id and password, and your UPS account number and click Update Now


After clicking Update Now, a new screen will open up. You have to review and accept the UPS Technology Agreement. Check the checkbox that you have finished to read the agreement and click the ‘Accept Agreement’ button.

The next screen will require for you to authenticate your UPS account. Find a UPS paper bill that is at most 90 days old. Enter the invoice number, date, amount, and control ID from that invoice. Click the Finish button to complete the registration.

You are now setup and ready to use UPS Ready®.
UPS regulations do not allow us to display UPS rates on the same screen with the rates of other carriers. To do a rate comparison we added a “UPS” toggle button on the top right hand side of the shipping screen. Click that button to toggle between UPS rates and all other carrier rates.


Processing UPS Shipments
When processing a shipment using the UPS Ready® integration, the button to print the label will have a “Go Online Now” caption. When clicking that button, ShipRite will connect to the UPS server, get the tracking number, and print the UPS shipping label.